Parish Sacred Heart of Jesus

Faith Direct

Faith Direct is a highly respected and secure company that is leading the way for parishioners to support their parishes through electronic means.

The Faith Direct program gives you a convenient way to support St. Lawrence by electing to use direct debit like most of us do for other payments or charitable giving. It also gives you the opportunity to support our parish even if you are absent from Mass for travel or illness. And, it addresses the situation I know many families face on their way to Mass: Where did I put my envelopes?!

Faith Direct, our parish will gain predictable cash flow that will help us with planning our parish needs and programs. As Christian stewards, it will give you the opportunity to better plan your finances when supporting our church. How does it work? The folks at Faith Direct have made it very simple and will handle the entire process for our parish:

1. You may complete an enrollment form and simply return the form to Faith Direct headquarters, along with a cancelled check if you have selected checking debit or complete credit card information.

2. You may visit and use our specific parish code VA325 for secure online enrollment.

There is no cost to you as a parishioner to enroll. Following the month in which you are enrolled, Faith Direct will begin debiting your specified account on the 4th or 15th of the month (or the next business day) for your offertory gift and/or second collections. You will receive confirmation on your bank or credit card statement, a complete statement for tax planning purposes at the end of the year, offertory cards to demonstrate your parish support, and you can set up access your own individual account online.

Of course, enrollment is voluntary, but many parishes and their members around the country have experienced a win-win with Faith Direct. If you find this program to be appropriate for your family, please enroll by responding to the mailings you will receive or visit "Faith Direct" to enroll securely on line. Our PARISH CODE is VA325 ; for a form to mail on your own, you can email the PARISH OFFICE or go to FORMS and follow instructions.